Manpower Verviers: A Closer Look at Interim Staffing Solutions in Belgium

Manpower is a well-known global staffing and workforce solutions company that operates in many countries, including Belgium. Verviers is a city located in the Wallonia region of Belgium, and it is one of the areas where Manpower provides staffing services. Interim staffing, often referred to as temporary or contingent staffing, is a significant part of Manpower's offerings in Belgium, and it plays a crucial role in the country's labor market. Here's a closer look at interim staffing solutions in Belgium, with a specific focus on Manpower in Verviers:

What is Interim Staffing

Interim staffing involves providing temporary workers to businesses to meet their short-term staffing needs. These workers are often referred to as "temps" or "interims" and are typically employed on a temporary basis, filling in for absent employees, handling seasonal workloads, or assisting with special projects.

Manpower in Belgium

Manpower has a significant presence in Belgium and offers a wide range of staffing and workforce solutions. The company helps businesses find qualified candidates to fill temporary, permanent, and contract positions.


Verviers is a city located in the Wallonia region of Belgium, known for its diverse economy, including manufacturing, services, and commerce. Given its industrial and business activities, there's a demand for flexible staffing solutions in this region.

Benefits of Interim Staffing  

  • Flexibility: Interim staffing allows businesses to adjust their workforce according to their needs. They can hire additional staff during busy seasons and scale down during slower periods.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Employing temporary workers can be cost-effective as businesses can avoid the long-term commitments and costs associated with permanent employment.
  • Quick Hiring: Temporary workers can often be recruited quickly, which is beneficial when businesses need immediate help.

Regulations in Belgium

Belgium has strict labor regulations, and there are specific rules governing interim staffing. Companies like Manpower are responsible for complying with these regulations, ensuring that temporary workers receive fair treatment, benefits, and pay according to the law.

Types of Temporary Jobs  

In Belgium, temporary jobs can range from administrative roles to industrial positions. Manpower works with a variety of industries and can provide temporary staffing solutions for businesses in various sectors.

Matching Talent

Manpower excels in matching the skills and qualifications of temporary workers with the specific requirements of the businesses they serve. They have extensive databases of qualified candidates.

Career Opportunities

Temporary positions often serve as stepping stones to permanent employment. Individuals looking for work in Belgium can benefit from temporary roles to gain experience and network with potential employers.


One challenge in the interim staffing industry is ensuring that temporary workers receive fair treatment and benefits while maintaining the flexibility that businesses need. Compliance with labor laws is crucial in this regard.

Future Trends

The staffing industry is constantly evolving, and in Belgium, like in other countries, it's influenced by economic trends, technology, and labor market demands. The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of flexible staffing solutions in response to unforeseen disruptions.

In conclusion, interim staffing solutions are an integral part of the Belgian labor market, and Manpower, with its presence in Verviers and throughout Belgium, plays a significant role in providing businesses with temporary workforce solutions. These solutions offer flexibility, cost-efficiency, and quick access to talent while adhering to the country's labor regulations.